Not a single kid was sniffed that day

Trump's TRUE NATURE - YouTube - Daily Dose of Masculinity ...

Thank you.

TRUMP: This your family?

This is.

TRUMP: Nice looking family, huh?

Say hi.

TRUMP: Beautiful.

Can they stand next to you real fast?

TRUMP: Come on, let's go.

TRUMP: Get over here, look at that.

Thank you.

TRUMP: Thank you. You take care.

Thank you.

TRUMP: Beautiful family.


Notice he speaks to people as an equal and not down to them!

Notice. No sniffing or whispering in their ears. Respect. Also... this is a people's man. He LOVES to speak to people. He does not have that I am the president snobbish attitude.

As an Aussie im asking, please America make the right choice and vote Trump 2024. The world needs a strong America, not the one we have right now.

If the Establishment are so scared of him he must be doing something right

If the media tells you to hate someone, you know the people should do exactly the opposite.

The beaming smiles on those children's faces.

Sad what the media has done to this man who has taken zero dollars in return.

The way the media has portrayed this man and the government is targeting him is disgusting.

Only regular people catch the good moments unlike our media institutions.