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British Airways pilot fired after he shares message with flight attendant admitting drug use before a flight, and then fails a drug test

A British Airways pilot was fired after a flight attended reported him for drug use, and after he tested positive for cocaine. The pilot had confided with the flight attendant that he snorted cocaine off a topless woman he spent time with in an apartment with a group he met at a bar. The unlawful behavior allegedly occurred the night before a return flight to London from Johannesburg in August 2023. Married pilot snorts cocaine off topless woman in booze-fueled romp before flight: report | Fox News New York Post - Married British Airways pilot snorted coke before trying to fly

Wife breastfeeds her husband

Husband's milk feeding started out as a plan to relieve breast pain from milk engorgement.  Couple claims her milk makes her husband healthier, but doesn't provide and example except "better skin." However, the husband does get gas if the lactating mom eats something spicy. The original article from Kidspot indicates the mom is from Florida. The couple's current hometown or home state was not indicated. Wife who breastfeeds husband three times a day says it's made him healthier - Daily Record 'I breastfeed my husband - it's made our marriage stronger, and him healthier' - Mirror Online New York Post - I breastfeed my husband to spend more quality time together — our marriage is stronger  than ever ‘I breastfeed my husband so he can spend more quality time with me’ | Kidspot

British crocodile expert admits atrocities with pet dogs, pleads guilty

According to the Daily Record, Supreme Court of the Northern Territory (NT) Chief Justice Michael Grant urged the public gallery and media to leave the court before facts of the charges were read out. Accusations of abuse of dogs on the suspect's property "could only be described as grotesque cruelty" and could cause "nervous shock."