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Wyoming hunter that owns trucking company allegedly ran over wolf, tortured it, bound its mouth with tape, paraded it through bar before killing it

"A Daniel, Wyoming resident ran down the wolf with a snowmobile, and struck the animal until it was so disabled he could tape its mouth shut . Then he brought the live wolf home and into the Green River Bar to show it off before taking the animal behind the establishment and shooting it," according to Wyofile (a public-interest news service reporting on the people, places and policy of Wyoming). A photo shows male adult wearing a plaid shirt, dark pants and boots with a baseball cap smiling next to a wolf with its mouth taped shut with red tape. It is legal to kill a wolf but it is not legal to possess a wolf in captivity. Daniel, Wyoming is located in Sublette County near the center of the county. Wyoming resident cited for illegally possessing a live wolf - KHOL 89.1 FM  (First news) Fury over Wyoming wolf torture allegations sparks demands for steeper penalties, reform - WyoFile Cruel hunter parades tortured wolf with TAPE around its mouth before taking wounded animal to b