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Moose, Deer, Iguana and Thresher Sharks Just Trying to Survive Winter • MON JAN 08, 2018 10:37 AM CT

Snowmobilers in Newfoundland, Canada rescued a moose that had become stuck in deep on snow: — AccuWeather (@accuweather) January 4, 2018 Man risks his own life to rescue a deer stuck in the middle of the frozen Mon River, as the ice cracks beneath his feet. — Good Morning America (@GMA) January 7, 2018 This woman in Florida rescued an iguana that fell from its resting place on a tree when cold temperatures overnight stunned it: — AccuWeather (@accuweather) January 6, 2018 The ocean water in New England is so cold that it is apparently killing sharks from "cold shock." A shark conservation group says a fourth thresher shark has been found frozen off the coast of Cape Cod. — FOX 11 Los Angeles (@FOXLA) January 7, 2018