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Bird defends its Castle Lager; acquires a taste and won't share

Don't know when and don't know where, but this bird likes to defend its drink. Yes, the bird drinks beer. Lolo on X: "This beer (@castlelager) is so good in such a way that birds indulge in it. And...sharing is not allowed. 🤗 ——— Gayton / South / Joburg / Xhosa #SugarMamas / #FakeGobela / Afrikaans" / X Castle Lager is a South African pale lager, and is the flagship product of South African Breweries. According to the official website, Castle Lager is brewed from 100% Homegrown quality ingredients and the same recipe since 1895, Castle Lager has been SA’s National Beer for over 125 years. 

The cutest landing and hug from a flying squirrel

The cutest landing and hug from a flying squirrel Buitengebieden on X: "The landing.. 😊" / X Flying squirrels (scientifically known as Pteromyini or Petauristini) are members of 50 species of squirrels in the family Sciuridae. Flying squirrels are not truly capable of full flight like birds or bats or the extinct flying prehistoric reptile Pterodactylus, but they are able to glide from one tree to another with the aid of a patagium, a furred skin membrane that stretches from wrist to ankle. Their long tails also provide stability as they glide. Anatomically flying squirrels are very similar to other squirrels with a number of adaptations to suit their lifestyle. Their limb bones are longer and their hand bones, foot bones, and distal vertebrae are shorter. Flying squirrels are able to steer and exert control over their glide path by manipulating air flow under their their limbs and tail.

Watch your surroundings at all times - sucker punch

Male victim in a red jacket waiting in line behind soon to be male offender, who turns around and sucker punches the victim in the exposed right jaw line, knocks him unconscious, and exits. Don't know where, but the date if from 2021. Don't know if they had a history. CCTV IDIOTS on X: "Watch your surroundings at all times... " / X

Good for Messages: Wake up turtle!

You could send this X post as a message urging someone to wake up. Maybe better than a meme. Buitengebieden on X: "Wake up, wake up! 😂" / X

Get Loose at Moose: Fights, wardrobe malfunctions at the Mooseknuckle Pub in Austin, Texas

Don't know when, but supposedly this brawl occurred sometime in early November 2023 in Austin, Texas at the Mooseknuckle Pub, 406 East 6th Street in Austin, Texas. There's almost always a wig flying in these situations, and this night there were a lot of wardrobe malfunctions. Google search for recent news articles reporting a fight at Mooseknuckle Pub turned up zero results. 🌈 Tess T. Eccles-Brown, PhD on X: "Let’s check in on Austin, Texas" / X SITUATIONAL AWARENESS Mooseknuckle Pub  (official) moose bar austin texas - Google Search MOOSEKNUCKLE PUB - 30 Photos & 68 Reviews - 406 E 6th St, Austin, Texas - Sports Bars - Phone Number - Yelp RELATED LOCATION HISTORY  ... Tiera Strand Found Dead Days After Fight Outside Austin Bar | Crime News  - Oxygen Brandon Blair on X: "Trying to help my friends find their cousin, Tiera Strand. She was last seen on 6th street on 4/16 at 2:30am at a place called MooseKnuckle pub. If anyone has any in

Crazy bites on fish

Don't know where and don't know when ... Dr. Goodnight on X: "@Bornakang The Ocean sunfish (Mola mola), also called common mola is one of the two heaviest known bony fish in the world, the other one being the southern sunfish (Mola alexandrini) within the same genus. The adults have a weight range of 247 to 2,000 kg (545 and 4,409 |b). This species… " / X

Three black women robbing an Asian man at a gas station get abruptly interrupted by large black man swinging fists

Don't know where and don't know when, but a bystander steps in to rescue an Asian man who's being robbed by three black women Ian Miles Cheong on X: "A bystander steps in to rescue an Asian man who's being robbed. Absolute W." / X Comment from John - "More people need to step up instead of just watching the world burn."