WARNING: There is no assurance that any of these accounts or the posts shared by these accounts are trustworthy or that their authors share information that is verified to be true. Content on NewsZombies.com is merely documentation of information that has been made available on the Internet.

Much of the content involves the conduct and misconduct of humans and animals.


NewsZombies.com aggregates news and information from around the world that is a little on the strange side or controversial, or simply news that provides a sample of cultural changes that are occurring in the world.

None of the referrals of incidents or sources included on the NewsZombies website should be considered to be verified as true by NewsZombies.com of CARDINAL NEWS.

You might think of some of this news as content you don't want to maintain or to occupy real estate in your mind (wasting mental energy), but you know the content is here on NewsZombies.com, and this is where you can find it if you need to call it up for some reason. 

The blog timeline has some sideways news on the unusual or controversial, edgy side. You also might find a cute animal, or wild or unusual animal reports here, too. But for news zombies who love to follow the news, there are X.com aggregate pages with more mainstream content organized by category that are also available. More about these X.com timelines aggregates further down.

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Now back to the blog info ...

Many of these News Zombies articles are polished drafts with several links to sources for you to check on your own -- somewhat similar to a research outline. 

Most of the articles contain links to content without images or videos, so that imaging from controversial content does not offend anyone. Readers can proceed to content at their own risk. Some links will require readers to be signed in (e.g., X.com and Instagram).

Some articles are just very small bits of information for the curiosity's sake, and some are articles on the cheery side (i.e., cute animals).

Now what about X aggregator pages?

Just under the header above the blog timeline or above each article headline is a row of tabs to aggregated X.com timeline pages that area organized by categories (Breaking News, Weather, Sports, Entertainment, Business, Tech, Health).  These pages contain the more mainstream headlines of the day -- not the wilder content in the main timeline of the NewsZombies.com.

You need a fast phone to view these X.com aggregations. 

Newszombies.com is designed for desktop, but mobile use is more than acceptable if you have a later model, fast phone ... AND you turn your phone sideways. The main blog timeline works fine on slower phones, but the pages with multiple X.com columns require a faster phone.

For example, in order to use the X.com column pages, you need a fast phone that is an Apple iPhone 14 or faster. Unfortunately an Apple iPhone 13 is too slow -- usable, but too slow. An Apple iPhone 12 is not usable for viewing the X.com aggregate pages. It won't work. It will crash the page.


In order to view X.com embedded timelines ... 

you must be signed in to X.com, AND 

you must your browser's Cross Site Tracking Prevention must be turned OFF.

To view the X.com timelines, you will need to be logged in to X.com in your browser (both mobile and Mac/PC). On mobile this needs to be your browser, not your app.

If you have the X app installed, you need to log in to your mobile browser using the following web address ...

https://www.twitter.com/login or https://www.x.com/login

If you try to log in any other way, you will be re-directed from your browser to your app, which will prevent you from being log-in at the browser level.

!!! For the X.com aggregate pages: X LOG-IN to browser REQUIRED to see X, AND your browser's Cross Site Tracking Prevention must be turned OFF.

Google This: Turning off cross site tracking prevention - Google Search

If you are not signed into X properly and your browser's Cross Site Tracking Prevention is not turned off, you won't be able to see the X.com timelines embedded in NewsZombies.com.