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TABLOIDS: Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson Has Some Massive Quads; Teresa Giudice Speaks Out for the First Time After Her Release from Prison; Where the Stars Will Be Partying on New Year's Eve; Taylor Swift’s School Crush Has Been Charged with Child Abuse • WED DEC 30, 2015 5:30 PM CT

Dwayne @TheRock Johnson definitely does NOT skip leg day: — Us Weekly (@usweekly) December 30, 2015 Teresa Giudice speaks out for the first time after her release from prison: — Us Weekly (@usweekly) December 30, 2015 Here's where the stars will be partying on New Year's — People magazine (@people) December 30, 2015 Taylor Swift’s school crush who inspired hit song has been charged with child abuse — The Sun (@TheSun) December 30, 2015

France Vies for Perpetual State of Emergency (Op-Ed); $1.25m Bail for 3 Accused of Fort Meyers Boat Theft, Gulf of Mexico Boat Chase; Tamir Rice Family Not Surprised; Girl Fire Survivor Received 700k Christmas Cards • MON DEC 28, 2015 2:38 PM CT

New normal - France vies for perpetual state of emergency (Op-Edge by Catherine Shakdam) — RT (@RT_com) December 28, 2015 $1.25M bail set for 3 men accused in Gulf of Mexico boat chase — Fox News (@FoxNews) December 28, 2015 JUST IN: #TamirRice 's family says they are "saddened and disappointed..but not surprised" — The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) December 28, 2015 8-year-old girl who survived fire that killed her family receives 700,000+ Christmas cards. — ABC News (@ABC) December 28, 2015

Texas Governor Declares State of Disaster in 4 Counties; Gov. Greg Abbott Briefs the Press Following Deadly Tornadoes; at Least 11 Killed in North Texas; Amarillo: I-40w Shut Down to NM • SUN DEC 27, 2015 6:08 PM CT

Texas governor declares state of disaster in four counties. . — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) December 27, 2015 Gov. Greg Abbott briefs the press following deadly #TexasTornadoes | — Fox News Video (@foxnewsvideo) December 27, 2015 At least 11 killed as tornado outbreak ravages parts of North Texas — Fox News (@FoxNews) December 27, 2015 It's getting worse in Amarillo. I am standing in the middle of a major highway. I-40W shut down all the way to NM — Dave Malkoff (@malkoff) December 27, 2015

Arizona Man Accused of Planning Attack on Cartoon Contest, Charged with Supporting ISIS; 3 Arrested in 2013 Murder of University Student Rebecca Foley; Deportations Drop During Obama's 2nd Term; Hundreds To Be Deported in Raids • THU DEC 24, 2015 6:40 PM CT

AZ man, already accused of planning attack on cartoon contest, charged with supporting ISIS — NBC News (@NBCNews) December 24, 2015 Three arrested in 2013 murder of university student Rebecca Foley — Fox News (@FoxNews) December 24, 2015 Deportations under Obama plummet during second term via @foxnewspolitics — Fox News (@FoxNews) December 25, 2015 Hundreds of illegal immigrants to be deported in large-scale raids: — The Hill (@thehill) December 24, 2015

Three People Confirmed Dead in Mississippi as Tornadoes and Storms Hit the South and Midwest • WED DEC 23, 2015 7:06 PM CT

JUST IN: 3 people confirmed dead after Mississippi tornadoes, @CBSNews has learned — CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) December 24, 2015 As severe weather sweeps parts of the country, @ericfisher joins us with an updated look at your holiday forecast — CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) December 23, 2015 Tornadoes and storms hit the South and Midwest, leveling homes and causing injuries: — ABC News (@ABC) December 23, 2015 Tornadoes hit the South and Midwest. Is more bad weather on the way? @ericfisher reports: — CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) December 24, 2015

Trump Warns Hillary to Tread Carefully About Demeaning Woman Claims; Trump Leads GOP Pack with 39%, Chris Christie Moves Up to 5%; “Uber-Like" Police Force Combatting Crime in New Orleans; Lights Over California & Nevada Was Russian Space Debris • WED DEC 23, 2015 6:15 PM CT

Trump warns Hillary to tread carefully on demeaning women charges #TheLead — Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) December 23, 2015 . @realDonaldTrump leads the GOP pack with 39%, while @ChrisChristie has moved up to 5th with 5%. #SpecialReport — Fox News (@FoxNews) December 23, 2015 How an “Uber-like" police force is combatting crime in New Orleans. @CynthiaMcFadden reports now #NBCNightlyNews — NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) December 23, 2015 Mysterious fireball spotted in skies over Nevada and California was Russian space debris — NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) December 23, 2015

Man Found Alive After Over 60 Hours in China Landslide; Scurvy, TB and Scarlet Fever Return; Chipotle Linked to Another E. coli Outbreak; NY GIants Odell Beckham Suspended 1 Game • TUE DEC 22, 2015 11:04 PM CT

Man found alive after more than 60 hours in China landslide — Fox News (@FoxNews) December 23, 2015 Scurvy. TB. Scarlet fever: They're all back — CNN (@CNN) December 23, 2015 Yesterday, Chipotle was linked to another E. coli outbreak — Forbes (@Forbes) December 23, 2015 Odell Beckham Jr. of New York Giants suspended one game for actions vs. Panthers — NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) December 21, 2015

Taliban Attack Kills 6 American Troops in Afghanistan; NYPD Detective Among 6 Service Members Killed • TUE DEC 22, 2015 3:55 AM CT

Blast in Afghanistan kill 6 U.S. soldiers, and 4 more top stories: — Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) December 22, 2015 Six US soldiers killed in Afghanistan as Taliban gains strength — Al Jazeera America (@ajam) December 21, 2015 NYPD detective among six U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan — CBS News (@CBSNews) December 22, 2015 Official: All six of NATO service members killed in Bagram, Afghanistan, attack were Americans. — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) December 21, 2015

Anthony Cumia, Formerly of Opie and Anthony, Arrested After Girlfriend Posts Assault Video; ; No Indictments in the Texas Jail-Cell Death of Sandra Bland; Successful SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch and Landing; Warm Temps Increase Oil and Gas Glut • TUE DEC 22, 2015 3:21 AM CT

Shock jock Anthony Cumia is ARRESTED after girlfriend posts video of him assaulting her — Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) December 21, 2015 Grand jury issues no indictments in the Texas jail-cell death of Sandra Bland — NBC News (@NBCNews) December 22, 2015 SpaceX pulls off dramatic Falcon 9 launch, landing — CBS News (@CBSNews) December 22, 2015 El Nino fattens glut in oil and gas supply: — Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) December 21, 2015

DEPLORABLE: Dogs Slaughtered Near Marshall, Arkansas; Random Stabbing in Toronto; Citrus Clementine Teaming with Maggots in Ilchester, UK Gives Woman Food Poisoning; Toddler Shot and Killed in St Louis County • MON DEC 21, 2015 7:12 PM CT

‘Systematically’ shot and left for dead: Arkansas massacre of more than 60 dogs — RT (@RT_com) December 21, 2015 Businesswoman arrested after allegedly stabbing stranger in unprovoked attack: — ABC News (@ABC) December 16, 2015 Woman left with food poisoning after Lidl clementine contained 'nasty surprise' — Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) December 21, 2015 Police: 15-year-old suspect turns self in after toddler shot and killed in St. Louis County — KFVS News (@kfvsnews) December 22, 2015

Ethan Couch Manhunt; Search for Ford Pickup Truck; Mother Tonya Couch Listed as MISSING to Appear on National Police Database

Authorities searching for truck that belongs to affluenza teen Ethan Couch's mom — FOX 4 NEWS (@FOX4) December 21, 2015 Sheriff to missing 'affluenza' teen Ethan Couch: "We're going to find you" — CNN (@CNN) December 18, 2015 The Tarrant County DA lists the mother of "Affluenza Teen" Ethan Couch as a missing person — NBC DFW (@NBCDFW) December 21, 2015 Tarrant Co DA: Mother of Ethan Couch listed as missing — NBC DFW (@NBCDFW) December 21, 2015

Failure to Register Drone Could Mean $27K Fine; Lindsey Graham Dropping Out; Affluenza Manhunt; Martin Shkreli Fired from Second CEO job at KaloBios • MON DEC 21, 2015 11:34 AM CT

Fail to register your drone? You could be hit with $27k fine — NBC News (@NBCNews) December 21, 2015 First on CNN: Lindsey Graham is dropping out. "I’ve hit a wall here,” he tells @KateBolduan — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) December 21, 2015 Manhunt intensifies for 18-year-old 'affluenza' teen Ethan Couch: — ABC News (@ABC) December 21, 2015 Martin Shkreli fired from second CEO job at KaloBios Pharmaceuticals: — ABC News (@ABC) December 21, 2015

Wearables and Overburdened Physician System; Jeff Bezos Is $29.5 Billion Richer; Apple's Tim Cook Shakes Up Top Management; 10 Expensive Gadgets • THU DEC 17, 2015 12:00 PM CT

An obstacle to getting wearables to patients who need them: an overburdened physician system — Forbes (@Forbes) December 17, 2015 Jeff Bezos added $29.5 billion to his fortune in 2015. The year's biggest dollar gainers: — Forbes (@Forbes) December 17, 2015 Tim Cook shakes up Apple's management via @DavidGoldmanCNN — CNN Tech (@cnntech) December 17, 2015 10 Gadgets That Make Great Gifts for Entrepreneurs by @Emily — Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur) December 17, 2015

Putin: Trump is Absolute Leader of GOP Race; Jeh Johnson Says Terrorists Could Try to Exploit Refugee System; Rubio-Cruz Immigration War Begins; Average Air Temp Over Arctic Highest Since Record-Keeping Began • THU DEC 17, 2015 9:46 AM CT

Pres. Putin: Donald Trump is "talented" and "absolute leader" of GOP presidential race. — NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) December 17, 2015 Johnson: Yes, terrorists could try to 'exploit' refugee system — Fox News (@FoxNews) December 17, 2015 The Rubio-Cruz immigration war has begun — NBC News (@NBCNews) December 17, 2015 Average air temperature over Arctic land is the highest since record-keeping began in 1900. — ABC News (@ABC) December 17, 2015