Bird defends its Castle Lager; acquires a taste and won't share

Don't know when and don't know where, but this bird likes to defend its drink. Yes, the bird drinks beer.

Lolo on X: "This beer (@castlelager) is so good in such a way that birds indulge in it. And...sharing is not allowed. 🤗 ——— Gayton / South / Joburg / Xhosa #SugarMamas / #FakeGobela / Afrikaans" / X

Castle Lager is a South African pale lager, and is the flagship product of South African Breweries.

According to the official website, Castle Lager is brewed from 100% Homegrown quality ingredients and the same recipe since 1895, Castle Lager has been SA’s National Beer for over 125 years. 

"Our golden liquid represents the very best of South Africa with a taste to match a South African thirst." (retrieved from the official website on Thursday, November 30, 2023)

Castle Lager (Official)

Starling in south africa with yellow wingtip - Google Image Search